Smart Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor plant sensor

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Waterproof design with Battery that will keep your plants accompany for 365 days

Plug-N-Play, Easy to Operate

Disclaimer: SyncCam Inc is a distributor for Flower Care. The product is manufactured by HHCC Plant Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing.

Real-Time Plant Sensor

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Flower Care smart monitor adopts solutions based on the readout from the professional grade photometry equipment, allowing you to take care of  your plants under the most suitable conditions

Grow Like a Pro

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Connection

iOS & Android App

Identify unknown plants by evaluating shape of the leaves using the smart app. Contribute to a growing database of plant knowledge.

Identify Unknown Plants

Connect to the device using your iOS or Android phone or tablet using bluetooth. Connect and analyze

grow smart

Know Your Plants in Real-Time

Read and analyze Sun light, Moisture, Temperature and Fertilizer in real-time.

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Flower Care APP gives you the best best advice about how to take care of your flowers & plants. Massive database which includes over 3900 plants and flowers and growing! 

Light, Temperature, Soil Mositure and Fertility Sensors

Store daily growth records

Record daily growth parameters of the plant in the cloud. Track  your plant growth over time.

Despite several monitoring, analytic and signal modules into a tiny body, the energy saving design allows a single battery to operate for up to an year before replacing.

Flower Care body is waterproof IP5*, which allows your to monitor hydroponic plants.

Flower Care

Device Specifications

Bring Home a Botanist

Flower Care has Light, Temperature , moisture sensor and 4 stainless steel EC (electric conductivity)  sensors, which detect soil moisture and nutrients and convert into data to display on your device. Data sampling interval values provided by database allows for perfect conditions for different plants.

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Easy setup with two step Bluetooth connection setup with the APP. Manage multiple flower care device with easy, intuitive user interface.

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